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A high school teacher in Chicago asked a 12-year-old boy if he could “beat” President Donald Trump during an email exchange. The teacher, identified by the Chicago Tribune as a 42-year-old married man named Tom Culbertson, was notified by a parent that their son had shown a copy of a recent Washington Post article about the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. “He told his class he couldn’t believe that Trump hired someone who would ask for money,” the mother of the student wrote. The mother then included a screenshot of an email exchange between her son and Culbertson from March. The student was responding to Culbertson’s demand for an assignment. “I don’t know if you’ll actually take this job, but if you do it, I want you to beat Trump,” the teacher wrote. “I’d love to do that,” the student wrote back. The mother was “shocked” by the teacher’s request. “I just can’t believe he would ask my son to do that,” she said. “He works with kids who are in difficult circumstances,” Culbertson told the Tribune. “He’s always been interested in their mental health and their problems.” The teacher told the paper that he would have done the same thing for any of his students. “I’m not a monster,” Culbertson told the paper. “I’m a passionate educator.” The mother wrote on her Facebook page, “If anyone is interested in my son’s explanation for not submitting the assignment, feel free to ask.”On February 12, 1941, Congress passed the first of two decisive acts that handed America to its enemies. The first of these acts was the joint resolution which terminated the neutrality that had been declared by the country’s president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, at the outset of the Second World War. The second was the Lend-Lease Act. It was, however, the Lend-Lease Act which laid the foundations for the success of the Allied war effort, for the Americans did not ac619d1d87

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