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References Category:DVD companies of Taiwan Category:Manufacturing companies based in Kaohsiung Category:Entertainment companies established in 2006 Category:Privately held companies of Taiwan Category:Taiwanese brandsQ: Why does this ruby instance variable behave like an instance variable? I have an instance variable in a ruby file that I can access within the same class. For example, class Foo def run # This returns bar self.bar end def bar puts "The foo is #{@foo.inspect}" @foo = "blah" end def foo=(value) @foo = value end def foo return @foo end end But, if I define a global variable, say, bar, and do # outside of the class @bar = "blah" and then try to access the instance variable through the class, it doesn't work. Foo.new.foo # => undefined method `foo' for # I'm fairly new to ruby and I don't understand why that happens. Can someone shed some light on this? A: Ruby is a lexically scoped language, as is Java, so your @bar = "blah" is outside of run and, therefore, @bar is not defined in the scope of the Foo class. The same is true of instance variables. There are many ways to fix your issue, all of which boil down to the same solution: move the code that modifies @foo inside the run method. Providers of digital video content, such as cable television, satellite television, broadband Internet and other sources of video, may provide video-on-demand (VOD) services to subscribers. A VOD service enables a viewer to view video content on the viewer's choice of viewing device, and at the viewer's convenience. In addition, a VOD service may enable the viewer to set up and control the viewing of video content, such as movies or television programs, through the use of digital video recorders (DVRs), personal video record ac619d1d87

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